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ENOFORUM, the largest technical-specific wine industry event in Europe, takes place every other year, and is the only event that gathers together producers, technicians, oenologists, agronomists, researchers, and technology suppliers, to stimulate the creation and development of innovation in the wine sector.

Each event attracts over 1,200 attendees in Italy, 500 in Spain, and 450 in Portugal—from all sectors of the wine industry. The 2021 virtual Enoforum USA, launched with partnership between VINIDEA and Wine Industry Network (WIN) broadcasted to more than 1,000 attendees. And since that time, sessions have been re-broadcasted to thousands more.

VINIDEA and WIN are collaborating again to bring Enoforum to the US—this time in-person—on May 11th in Santa Rosa, CA. For industry vendors, there are several excellent opportunities to showcase your products & services to a very targeted audience. You can present your research and development on stage, lead a wine trial featuring your products at work, host a product demonstration to an audience of your choosing, participate in the trade show or choose all of the above. Scroll down for more information on how your company can play a role in Enoforum USA.

How to Register to Participate in EnoForum USA:

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    Review the participation options, then view the event schedule & exhibitor floor map on this page tolocate available session, trial tasting, product demonstration, and promotional video times as well as available booths:

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    STEP 3

    Return your completed Registration Form via email to [email protected] or fax to 707-433-2551. We'll reach out via email to confirm your requested time.

Sit tight, and we’ll reach out via email, within 1 week, to confirm your booth number and send a receipt for your deposit or full payment.

If you are paying with a check, please submit your paperwork ASAP and indicate the check number and dollar amount of your deposit on your form. This will allow us to temporarily hold your booth(s) selection while your payment is in the mail.

Exhibitor Floor Map

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