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Enoforum USA will showcase a wide selection of worldwide innovations that have been developed in recent years for the wine & grape industry. 70% of the 24 speakers are from Europe, Australia, and South America, bringing knowledge and experience that can be profitably applied to the US environment. 14 scientists will describe the research work leading to the new findings, and 10 developers will be detailing how to implement them in practice, including reports of field and cellar trials within the United States.

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Online Event
May 4-5, 2021


  • Day 1

    Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

  • 8:45 AM
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  • 9:30 AM
    This session hosted by Presenting Sponsor, JUCLAS / VasonGroup, describes the opportunities offered by technologies such as Ultrasound (US), pulsed electric fields (PEF) and high pressure techniques (HPT), to rapidly extract compounds of relevant enological interest, such as polysaccharides, amino acids and antioxidant molecules, from yeasts.

  • 10:20 AM
    Winemakers are looking for more balanced fruitiness and greenness in their Sauvignon Blanc coming from the fermentation process in order to maximize consumer’s attraction. The choice of yeast stain and fermentation parameters are crucial to achieve this goal. This session, sponsored by Fermentis, will focus on the selection and screening of yeast strains for Sauvignon Blanc wines.

  • 11:10 AM
    This session, sponsored by A&P Inphatc, showcases field trial results on a break-through technology developed exclusively for viticulture that protects growing vines under disease pressure, or as a curative after disease symptoms become visible. The session will also highlight the efficacy of XylPhi-PD for the treatment or prevention of Pierce’s Disease.

  • 12:00 PM
    This session, presented by Laurent Audeguin of IFV French Vine and Wine Institute, will focus on plant breeding programs and wine industry challenges.

  • 12:45 PM
    This session, featuring three international researchers, selected from the Enoforum contest, will show how Artificial Intelligence is helping winegrowers to deal with adversity from climate change, the management of variability by precision viticulture practices and a new AI-based system for early and accurate vineyard yield forecasting.

  • Day 2

    Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

  • 9:30 AM
    This session, sponsored by Della Toffola, will showcase how Flash Detente can be applied to different grape varieties to help remove smoke taint, improve color profiles and consumer’s sensory such as an increase in mouthfeel, astringency and tannins.

  • 10:20 AM
    Traditionally, measurement of Cu in wine has only been possible for larger wineries. This presentation sponsored by Enartis, will show how to measure Cu in wine using methods that is possibly for any winery to do. This presentation will also focus on winery scale trial results for canned wine production, as well as other possible applications of this information for improving shelf life in screw-capped and canned wines.

  • 11:10 AM
    This presentation, sponsored by Oenobrands, will provide an overview on the current understanding of the mechanism of haze formation. In addition, a discussion on how the recent advances in the area allowed the elaboration of innovative strategies for protein stabilization of wines will also be addressed.

  • 11:55 AM
    This session, featuring five overseas oenology researchers, will highlight the results of research of the application of cold plasma to sanitize oak wood staves along with the use of ultrasounds to accelerate aging on lees on red wines. The session will also showcase the alternative approach of correcting acidity in grapes, and a study that aims at exploiting an undervalued wine yeast lees, by developing efficient and food-grade methods for the extraction of yeast glycoproteins.