2022 Speakers


Guido Baldeschi


Guido Baldeschi is the Chief of Enology Unit at OIV.


Gracie Boland

INNO'VIN Bordeaux, France

Gracie is the EPAWI Project Manager at INNO’VIN, Bordeaux, France.


Valentina Canuti

University of Florence, Italy

Valentina is researcher at Department of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Environmental Science of the University of Florence.


Enrico Dogliani

Gai Macchine S.p.A.

Enrico Dogliani is a Sales Manager at GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.A., a worldwide leader in manufacturing bottling and labeling machinery for wineries.


Matthieu Dubernet

Laboratoire Dubernet

Matthieu Dubernet, pioneer of the Agro-oenology, leads the first independent oenology laboratory group in Europe.


Sergi Ferrer

Universitat de València, Spain

Sergi is head of ENOLAB, Institut de Biotecnologia I Biomedicina at the University of Valencia, and is presently President of GIENOL (Grupo de Investigacion Enologica de España).


Anne Flesch

Fermentis by Lesaffre

Anne is the Technical Sales Support Manager Wine & Specialty Beverages  - The Americas.


Lorenzo Forbice

Della Toffola, USA

Born in Italy, Lorenzo has been in the wine business since 2001 and has run his own Company working in Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Israel and South Africa. He is currently employed at Della Toffola as Innovation and Project Manager


Daniela Fracassetti

University of Milan, Italy

Daniela is Professor in the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences of the University of Milan.


Francesco Invernizzi


With a Master Degree Thesis focused on Grape Ales, Francesco has been a freelance consultant and has produced more than 20 different beers in California, Portugal and Italy.

His beers have been awarded in the top 5 best Italian Grape Ales for 2 years in a row.


Jasha Karasek

Enartis USA

Jasha Karasek currently works for Enartis USA as the enological product manager.


Felipe Laurie

University of Talca, Chile

Felipe has a Ph.D. in Food Science and M.S. in Viticulture and Enology,  UC-Davis, USA. Agricultural Engineer, University of Talca.

Research focus: Chemistry and wine production, with emphasis on the study of phenolic compounds and the chemical and sensory effects of oxidation reactions.


Marco Li Calzi

Enolfactive, Italy

Marco Li Calzi received his PhD in Pharmacology from Mario Negri Institute in Milan (Italy) in 1995 and is currently a consultant and trainer, and he holds the Technical Director position at the Enolfactive company that he cofounded with two associates in 2017.


Maria Nikolantonaki

University of Burgundy, France

Maria is professor of Wine Chemistry and of Enology at the University Institute of Vine and Wine “Jules Guyot” of the University of Burgundy.


Miguel Pedroza

California State University, Fresno

Dr. Pedroza joined the Department of Viticulture and Enology as an Assistant Professor of Enology in August 2017.


Alexandre Pons

Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, Bordeaux, France

Alexandre is researcher at the University of Bordeaux and has studied for 20 years the volatile composition of grapes and wines, and their evolution during barrel aging.


Manuveer Sandhu

Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services

Under the direct tutelage of Penny Gadd-Coster he has mastered the art of Méthode Champenoise, advancing from Production Winemaker to Director of Winemaking (2020).


Javier Tardaguila

Televitis Research Group, University of La Rioja, Logroño, Spain

Prof. Tardaguila works in precision viticulture, robotics and emerging technologies in agriculture.


Andrea Uliva

Parsec Srl, Florence, Italy

Andrea Uliva holds a master degree in agricultural engineering, spec. viticulture and oenological from the university of Florence. He has been collaborating with Parsec since 2019 to research and develop innovative solutions to simplify the winemaking processes, bringing his experience built during many years of consultancies to wineries across the globe.


Fernando Zamora

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

Fernando is full professor of the Faculty of Oenology of the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (Spain). He is currently the director Experimental Winery of the Rovira i Virgili University and president of the Technology Commission of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).


Gianmaria Zanella

Enologica Vason

Gianmaria Zanella studied Oenology in University of Verona and he ended the study in 2008. He then spent two years as research fellow in Verona University. Gianmaria started to work as Oenologist freelance and then in 2012 joined the Enologica Vason team.