May 4-5, 2021 | Online Event 707-433-2557

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May 4-5, 2021 | Online Event
Enoforum USA

Introducing Enoforum in USA

ENOFORUM is known as the largest technical-specific wine industry event in Europe. It takes place every other year attracting 1,200 attendees in Italy, 500 in Spain, and 450 in Portugal, while bringing together over 1,900 technicians with 70 research groups and 40 leading companies; more than 2,100 people over a 2-year cycle. It is the only event that brings together producers, technicians, oenologists, agronomists, researchers, and technology suppliers, to stimulate the creation and development of innovation in the wine sector.

Coming to the American Market, Enoforum USA will provide winemaking professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in an online educational conference setting.

If your company is interested in participating or exhibiting at Enoforum USA, please contact us


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